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The Life of Raasmus in the Current Middle Ages AKA the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)

Anachronism: A person, thing, idea, or custom belonging to a different historical era. Chronological mistake. Something or someone out of their proper time. WHO: Raasmus Earland Ulfstyg WHAT: Anachronist: a person preoccupied with the things, ideas, customs of a different historical era. Where: Danish Viking, pre-Christian, exploring the eastern ends of the earth, Russ, Mongol, Byzantium When: Any time the modern world allows. How: Research, documentation, experimentation, demonstration, failure and redress. Competing in combat, arts, and sciences competitions at SCA sponsored events. Attending workshops and classes at SCA events. Why: Recreation (not re-enactment) fills the gaps in our current uncivilization with some semblance of civility. “An armed society is a polite society”. Much of the ninth and some of the tenth century were the golden age of human freedom, thought, action, commerce and culture in what we call "The Viking Era". Denmark was at the center of this era of individual liberty. Today Denmark sports the oldest independent European monarchy, and one of the most progressive cradle to grave socialist societies in the world. I am Danish, the church and kingdom destroyed my culture to promote theirs, I would like to gain a better understanding of the culture that was destroyed and how a society that was fiercely independent became the docile sheeple they are today, and we might become tomorrow.

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